VALD Biomechanical and Performance Testing

We are pleased to announce that we now have the state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology in the form of VALD foredecks, in our south Kensington Clinic.

Previously only found in sports science labs or in elite training facilities, VALD forcedecks have become an invaluable tool in the recovery and rehabilitation process, giving clinicians objective data to analyse and progress a client’s treatment. 

Using the intuitive software, ForceDecks allows quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement, all of which is analysed in a single click.   ForceDecks dual force plates also enable unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies.  Not only a tool in rehabilitation, but also invaluable in injury prevention and for enhancing training and performance.

mayfait vald img
mayfait vald img1

The above data demonstrates the lower limb asymmetry in squatting performed by a client 6 months post right uni-compartment knee joint arthroplasty.

Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Biomechanical and postural assessment 
  • Muscle strength testing using the Active Force Digital Dynometer
  • VALD Forcedeck testing to gather data on stability, strength and movement
  • A bespoke report with tailored guidance and exercise prescription to address assessment findings  
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Who is suitable for the Biomechanical and Performance testing:

  • Clients recovering from lower limb surgery – foot, ankle, knee or hip.  We would advise undertaking testing at 3,6 and 9 months post intervention to monitor rehabilitation progress and guide return to sport and activity
  • Clients recovering from upper limb surgery – elbow or shoulder.  We would advise undertaking testing at 3, 6- 9 months post intervention to monitor rehabilitation progress and guide return to sport and activity
  • Clients experiencing soft tissue injuries such as Achillies tendinopathy or patella tendinopathy
  • Clients who suffer with back pain, specifically if it is related to activity or training in the gym
  • Clients wanting to enhance athletic performance or achieve training goals
  • Clients looking to avoid injury

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