ABOUT Eleonore


Eléonore Cabrera is of French nationality and recently moved to the UK. She originally trained as a professional contemporary dancer, graduating from the Ballet Junior of Geneva in Switzerland. After graduation in 2016 she collaborated with various choreographers, creating and touring internationally. From 2018 to 2023 Eléonore then performed with the immersive theatre company Punchdrunk across two productions in Asia and England.

In 2021 she decided to study Pilates, taking part in a teacher training programme at A-LYNE in Paris. She is certified in Mat and Reformer Pilates. During her training, Eléonore also completed her sports leisure facilitator certification (CQP Als) in France. Passionate about the body in motion and health, she has built a real interest in alternative medicine and wishes to explore that field during the next part of her career.

In Pilates, Eléonore has found an anchor which has allowed her to develop her physical but also mental strength. As a professional dancer Eléonore understands the challenges that athletes, dancers and artists are going through during their career.

Working with existing injuries and pathologies can decrease self-confidence and increase health issues. Witnessing the personal evolution of each client and helping them to achieve better health, and ultimately more happiness through the discovery of efficient body function is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an instructor. She cares about the good of others and enjoys working with clients of different levels and backgrounds. Learning without judgement is one of her values when it comes to teaching pilates.

In her free time Eléonore enjoys dancing, running, practicing Yoga and reformer. She also enjoys drawing, spending time in museums and going to the theatre.

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