About Lifestyle Assessment

Our data driven preventative health and well- being assessment and intervention program is designed to empower you on your journey towards optimal health and longevity.

Our program uses cutting-edge technology and evidence-based approaches, utilizing comprehensive assessments to understand your current health, lifestyle and well-being status and identify potential areas for improvement.

Through personalized intervention tailored to your unique needs, we guide you towards achieving your health goals and maximise your well-being.

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Optimising personal and corporate health through clinically led lifestyle changes

Ideal health and wellbeing depend on various lifestyle factors, which are all mutually influential, to function optimally.

We might have some idea that we need to make changes, such as, addressing nutritional habits, improving sleep quality, exercising in varied ways, prioritising our family and friends and doing things that give us joy. However, we often either underscore or overscore when analysing ourself, as we can be driven by personal values, social comparison, cultural influences, emotional states, goals and aspiration, the need for validation as well as biological and environmental factors.

Our specialised program utilises objective data points from wearable technologies free from personal bias and compares those to your subjective analysis. We are then able to highlight areas of disconnect and pinpoint research driven intervention solutions to improve your well-being and optimise your health.

Would you know specifically how to improve your wellbeing and optimise your health?

Recognising the importance of becoming a proactive consumer of your health is an essential diagnostic tool to help you make the relevant decisions and habits changes to achieve your well-being goals.

As such this is a versatile program that is not only suitable for individuals. We have added great value to companies wishing to analyse their overall workforces’ wellbeing and make targeted decisions one which wellbeing products to use in order to optimise overall wellbeing, productivity and reduce absenteeism.

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Assessment Markers

Objective Markers

We collate data across various markers such as your current exercise habits, strength markers, sleep performance and your ability to recovery from stressful or demanding activities.

Subjective markers 

Additionally, we will work closely with you identifying your individual drivers in other aspects related to lifestyle optimisation such as making space for hobbies and social connection among others.

Service Set up 

This is a uniquely bespoke program specifically addressing your data in the context of your life and will involve the following.

1. 15-30 min onboarding virtual consultation

2. Subjective data collection

3. Objective data collection using a designated market leading wearable technology

4. 45min virtual consultation discussing findings and planning interventions

5. Bespoke reports and informative supporting information to make demonstrable change to your wellbeing and health

6. Reassessment after 6 weeks with summary on improvements.

Ongoing Analysis and Support

We offer 2 services to continuously support you. These can be purchased individually or together

Option 1 – You can subscribe to an either 6, 8 or 12 weekly check in service which will include a full reassessment followed by a call to continue tracking your overall progress.

Option 2 – You can subscribe to a weekly check-in call to support you maintain focus on key goals which you have set yourself.

If you’re looking to enhance your physical fitness, manage stress, improve sleep quality, and adopt healthier lifestyle habits, our program is here to support you every step of the way. We believe in the importance of proactive health management and preventive care to promote longevity and vitality.

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