Gina Haynes is a South African trained physiotherapist and APPI Pilates instructor who relocated to London in 2018. She has always had a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports related injuries and conditions, with a focus on hypermobility and chronic pain. She has done extensive courses in manual therapy and movement control and incorporates both of these in to her everyday practice. As a physiotherapist she feels passionate about getting people to move their bodies correctly to reduce pain, improve their functioning and enhance their sporting abilities. Gina has always been active herself and has participated in numerous sporting and recreational activities over the years. She understands that this does not come naturally to many people and aims to help everyone to improve their body confidence and movement.

She believes in the power of movement to heal the mind and body. The focus of her sessions is on correct form, reducing movement and exercise related anxiety, building ones’ confidence in their own body and ability whilst creating a fun yet safe environment. Pilates is a wonderful way to correct movement patterns and ensure people are moving their bodies correctly. She has seen how Pilates is a fantastic tool for reducing pain. It can optimise daily function as well as being a vital compliment to any other sporting activity by improving stability and control. As a sensitive, hypermobile person herself she understands the difficulties of movement and aims to help improve people’s quality of life and learn how to control their bodies to achieve their optimal function.

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