Post-Operative Pilates

What is Post-Operative Pilates?

Pilates is a specialised form of rehabilitation that utilises exercises to aid in the recovery after surgery. 

At Mayfair Health, we believe that pilates is a vital part of the rehabilitation process. Our highly trained team of dedicated physiotherapist and pilates instructors work closely to ensure that your program is designed to enhance your specific needs and goals. Our Post-operative pilates repertoire ensures that the exercises are safe and effective while you are load-compromised. We aim to optimise you by progressively using the most effective techniques at the most critical time of your rehabilitation.

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Post-operative Pilates is specifically designed for individuals who are on the path to recovery following surgery. Whether you’ve undergone orthopaedic, neurological, or any other surgical procedure, Post-operative Pilates offers a gentle yet effective way to regain strength, mobility, and function. Tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals, our program focuses on rebuilding muscle tone, enhancing flexibility, and promoting overall wellness. Whether you’re aiming to regain your range of motion, alleviate pain or simply enhance your quality-of-life post-surgery, Post-operative Pilates provides a supportive environment to aid in your rehabilitation journey.

What are the benefits of Post-Operative Pilates?

When it comes to post-operative recovery, incorporating Pilates into the rehabilitation process can be a valuable addition to traditional methods.

Following surgery, our bodies develop faulty movement patterns as a form of compensation due to pain inhibition, immobility and weakness. While compensations may initially serve to protect the body from further injury, they can ultimately lead to imbalances, muscle dysfunction, and increased risk of injury in other areas of the body. Therefore, it’s essential to address and correct faulty movement patterns through targeted rehabilitation exercises, such as those found in Pilates, to restore optimal movement mechanics and function. For instance after spinal surgery, post-operative pilates can:

1. Enhanced core strength and pelvic control to provide support to the spine and promote better posture

2. It helps alleviate pain and promote better alignment

3. Increased flexibility and mobility in injuries areas and surrounding tissues to optimise recovery and prevent stiffness

Some more examples of pilates following knee surgery include:

1. Restore range of motion, promoting flexibility and reducing stiffness after surgery

2. Strengthening of the surrounding muscles to improving your movement mechanics

3. Enhance balance and proprioception to restore joint awareness and stability

Our Pilates Team

Introducing our exceptional Pilates team - a dedicated group of professionals committed to guiding you through your fitness journey with precision, expertise, and personalised attention.



Senior Pilates Instructor
Clinical Pilates, Post-Operative Pilates, Performance Pilates



Pilates Instructor
Clinical Pilates, Classical and Contemporary Pilates, Performance Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Pilates Barre


Eleonore Cabrera

Pilates Instructor
Mat and Equipment Pilates qualification, Clinical Pilates, Classical and Contemporary Pilates, Performance Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Pilates


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Physiotherapist and Senior Pilates Instructor
Clinical Pilates, Classical and Contemporary Pilates, Performance Pilates, Pre and Post Natal Pilates


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