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About Sports Injuries

Having worked across elite competitions including Commonwealth games and with Australian Olympic athletes we are well placed to manage and treat sports injuries. Our belief is that you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be treated like one.

We push our athletes and yourselves to help achieve your return to activity goals. It is important to obtain an appropriate diagnosis of the type of injury and a thorough management plan.

Often it can be difficult to diagnose those chronic overuse type injuries where there may be an involvement of many different factors. Our comprehensive assessment will be able to tease all that information out and allow us to identify any muscle imbalances and strength or flexibility deficits that may be contributing to the injury. We will help to settle the acute cycle and involve a specialist team where necessary and then build an appropriate program of stability and strength work to achieve a return to full function.

We want to ensure we give you all the tools to help reduce your injury risk and get you back competing at whatever level that may be.

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