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About Ergonomic Assessment

We live in a computer obsessed society and most offices are driven by computers. It is critical to have an effective workplace set up when you are spending significant amounts of time at your desk.

Our bodies are not designed to be sedentary all day or to be undertaking those small fine movements involved with tapping on a keyboard all day. A poor computer or desk set up exposes you to work related disorders and overload on your spine or tendons in the forearm.

By following a few simple rules and having the height of your station set for you can dramatically reduce the load and stress on your tissues. We can visit your corporate space or office to assess the environment and ensure you have the appropriate work station set up. Allow our team to visit your office environment and we can produce a fully specified report detailing all the necessary changes that need to occur to try and optimise your work station.

We can suggest alternatives including sit to stand desks or different keyboards that facilitate improved alignment for your spine and tissues.

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