ABOUT Saskia–Wilkinson


Saskia was introduced to Pilates 15 years ago while training as a professional ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet School. From this moment, the philosophy behind Pilates became a foundation stone of the way she approached her physical performance. Saskia’s career on stage ended due to injury and she moved into teaching. She trained to teach ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance and Pilates with the legendary Alan Herdman. Saskia is fascinated by movement and the body, she has dedicated her life to developing a deep understanding of our physicality. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life whether rehabilitating from an injury, goal focused training for athletes, or someone who wants to be able to reach the top shelf in the kitchen. Saskia believes Pilates is beneficial for everyone. Alongside working at Mayfair Health Saskia also works for Alan Herdman Pilates.

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