Charlotte goes by the nickname Charlie. She first qualified with Body Control Pilates on mat work and later on to be a fully certified studio equipment teacher. Her passion and thirst of knowledge later led her to go onto train in Classical Pilates whilst working in Hong Kong as well.
Originally set for a career in the city she became disillusioned. However, this initially led her to Pilates to counteract the sitting and computer based corporate environment. It soon became her passion and led to a career change!
Charlie believes in educating her clients in within the session, so that they can implement components into their everyday life to maximise the sessions benefits. Charlie takes a dynamic and active approach when teaching while still relaxing the mind. This helps to release tension and stress in the body which is essential to bring about constructive healing and change in the body.
Charlie is very grateful to have worked alongside some of most renowned teachers and mentors in the world who have helped her grow not only as a teacher but as a person; teaching her respect and care for the body and the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
Charlie’s greatest joy is to helping her clients to meet their goals whether it’s helping them get back from an injury or looking to get stronger. She has also worked with an array of clientele gaining a broad experience from working with the older population to working with many atheletes from professional golfers, footballers and rugby players. She has also worked with clients with long covid on referral from Consultants at Private hospitals.
She believes every session should be enjoyable and bring a smile to your face. 

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